• Dr. Gretchen Martinez

5 Backpack Safety Tips for Your Kids

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2016 alone, an estimated 6,300 kids received emergency treatment for backpack-related injuries. Here are 5 recommendations to help your kids with the prevention of these type of injuries.

1. Weigh your kid’s backpack! Ideally a backpack should weigh no more than 10% of their body weight. Excessive weight on their backpacks can cause your kid to lean forward to support the extra weight changing their posture and increasing the risk of back pain.

2. Encourage your kid to use both straps, that way the weight will be distributed equally on the shoulders. Using one strap will increase the risk of overusing one side of your child’s body and that can result in muscle imbalance.

3. Adjust the straps so the backpack sits around the waistline. Carrying a backpack below waistline can cause extra pressure on the low back.

4. Pick backpacks with wide padded straps and padded back, they are more comfortable and help distribute weight better.

5. Every Sunday, make sure you go over everything inside your child’s backpack and make sure there are only necessary items, you will be surprised how many things can be collected on a week that might be adding extra weight to your child’s backpack.

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